Friday, January 28, 2022

T R Connect @ Emmanuel Shared Church

TR Connect Emmanuel Shared Church Cell GroupWho it's for:

T R Connect is for secondary school young people and run by members of the church. It is currently led and coordinated by Isaac Baker (pictured centre front).

Where and when:

At the Christchurch Centre, New Road, Ware on specific Sunday evenings at 7.30 to 8.30ish - please contact us more more details.

What we do:

The evening normally consists of a Bible study followed by some games (snacks are usually available!). Topics we have covered include peer pressure, the fruits of the Spirit, heaven and hell, the life of Jesus, and many more. The current topic is: 'Illustrating' Genesis.

Special events:

We also have socials about twice each term when, to name a few, we hold games evenings, play outdoor wide games, visit places of interest, bowling, ice skating and Quazar.

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